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Welcome to Strongs Plastic Products

cv-showWelcome to Strongs Plastic Products one of the leading converters of Engineering Grade Plastics in the UK. Based centrally in the UK Strongs has been offering high quality fabrications for over 35 years. With a large manufacturing facility and state of the art design and machining facilities Strongs are able to offer high quality reliable products to our customers. With ISO accreditation our customers can be assured of a high quality product. With a focus on commercial vehicle bodies Strongs has COP from the VCA making sure our products meet high European Standards.

With a highly trained and motivated workforce Strongs offer a professional, reliable service with a friendly atmosphere. Strongs believe in the power of partnership and this mean that by working closely with customer and supplier we can offer a product that both suits the customer but also offers an edge over the competition. If you have an idea or a product you think would be better in plastic contact us through our contacts page or give us a call?

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