JEDI / Junior Economical Drop-in Conversion

JEDI / Junior Economical Drop-in Conversion

JEDI / Junior Economical Drop-in Conversion

Strongs Plastic Conversions

Rear Door Access

Easy Access to the Rear Accessories Racking

Ergonomic Design

Modular Body System

Superior Build Quality

Designed specifically to suit heavy Duty Cycles with an extra ordinary long-life span.

JEDI / Junior Economical Drop-in Conversion

JEDI Conversion Strongs “BRAND NEW” JEDI conversion is ideal for typical Utility Vehicle Applications,  it fits directly into the bed of Utility Vehicles and Pickups in the same way as the DI Body and EDI with added advantage of improved access to height restricted areas.
This conversion offers, a cost effective choice for mixed Fleets as it comes with many design storage options.
STRONGS JEDI Bodies offer our customers and users a number unique advantages including:

  • Superior Build Quality over other Pick Up Truck Bodies 
  • Tailored Layout and Stowage
  • Improved Ergonomics
  • Water Tight – No Leaks 
  • Increased Security
  • Zero Maintenance 
  • A Robust and Reliable Solution 
  • Built in the UK to the highest quality with ISO2009 and Conformity of Production Quality Standards
  • Built With ISO 14001 Environmental Benefits, Low Energy Input Recycling and Whole Life Cycle Recycling Plans Available 

The JEDI body design is available in both Double Cab and Extended body styles of the major manufacturers of Pick-Up Vehicles here in the UK. We are accredited converters and Platinum Partners to:


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